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What is CareCube and how does it work?

CareCube is a fully integrated digital workflow system specially designed ‘by cardiologists for cardiologists’ to simplify and centralise the complex scheduling and tracking of patients; safeguarding patients from human error and helping hospitals to optimise resources through efficient time management.

Real-time scheduling, with a web-enabled interface, networked around the institution has been a key element of our ability to improve utilisation from 80% to over 95%
— LHCH, Care & Quality commission 'hospital of the year 2015'
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A networked solution linking every individual user to the labs, wards and admin teams in real time.

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A straight forward interface that inputs and archives via smart-tech a full set of required safety check information

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Easy, structured approach to planning patient care over a complete admission episode

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Easy user access to reporting suite of data such as lab utilisation, lab turn-around, specific case numbers, checklist audits, incident reporting & more

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Fully integrated module enables efficiency and planning including managed and displayed lab rota's and on-calls.

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Set Up

Virtual server that connects your hospital PAS and EPR in real-time.

Adverse events affect approximately 10% of acute patients... safety checklists and team briefing are proven interventions to support communication in safety-critical situations
— TJ Cahill, SC Clarke, IA Simpson, RH Stables, Heart, January 2015 Vol 101 No 2