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CareCube meets a genuine need...

CareCube helps reduce duplications, errors and miscommunication by centralising and streamlining complex processes.

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...with real understanding

Designed by cardiology professionals with a deep understanding of the most common & vital workflows and challenges faced in & around the cath lab to combat real problems and treat more patients.

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  • One-stop info about patients / activity in real time
  • Improves communication with patient & clinical team
  • Simple collection and recording / exporting of data to patient record
  • Analytics and own data sets
  • Links to clinical registries
  • Improves departmental effectiveness
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  • Exact real-time data on patients
  • Enhanced communication to all staff
  • Frees up time: more time with patients, better patient experience, personalised care
  • Ward teams can track progress of lists
  • Accommodates planned, acute and emergency
  • Tracks key equipment and doctors
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  • Increases utilisation of current footprint
  • Improves patient experience
  • Detailed reports: template or bespoke by patient, department, procedure type
  • Improved efficiency
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  • Enables patients to be directly involved in their care
  • Spend more time with their clinical teams
  • Benefit from improved communication
  • Less waiting around