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The NHS has been marking its 70th anniversary, and the national debate this has unleashed has centred on three big truths;

Pride in the enduring success and shared social commitment

Concern about funding, staffing, increasing inequalities and an
ageing population

Optimism about the possibilities for continuing medical advance and better outcomes of care. 

The Long Term Plan sets out strategies to overcome the challenges that the NHS faces over the next 10 yrs by;

·      Doing things differently

·      Preventing illness and tackling health inequalities

·      Backing the workforce

·      Making better use of data and digital technology

·      Getting the most out of taxpayers’ investment in the NHS

CareCube is in-sync with and aligned to the Long Term Plan

Doing things differently
CareCube is a shining light example of integrated workflow systems.  An example of innovation of which the NHS can be proud.  CareCube supports transformative and sustainable change; solving problems, delivering improved efficiency for clinical teams and enhancing patient safety.

Backing the workforce

CareCube provides solutions for clinical teams.  A digital platform to facilitate workflows and processes that support clinical practice and designed to enhance patient safety.  

Making better use of data and digital technology

CareCube is a foundation stone for optimism.  Designed by cardiologists, it promotes team working, delivers results on performance to drive change, improves efficiency and improving patient safety. 

 The future looks bright. 


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