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All CareCube modules are linked to each other

Patient admissions are pulled directly from PAS and Checklist files are exported to EPR, whilst providing a full digital record.

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Connected to your PAS, Scheduler allows both multiple access planning of lists, and dynamic management throughout the day as the case-mix evolves. Continuous structured display of all key information, with facility to accommodate rich clinical data. Fourteen different procedure states, from arrival to final discharge including deferrals are accommodated

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Conforming to WHO, BCS and NatSIPPS, whilst enabling LocSIPPs, Checklist is a series of linked interfaces delivered through touch panels in the lab. All records are exported to EPR and available in Reporting. Case issues can be flagged to lab user groups for continuous open-loop reporting

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Ideal for radial/day wards as well an in-patient ward, Status gives a structured approach to planning care over a complete admission episode. The real-time interaction with Scheduler gives 2-way dynamic updates through the day, eliminating the need for many inter-departmental calls whilst optimising the patient journey

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Available in both dash-board and bespoke format, this module allows users to easy-access their own reporting suite of data within CareCube such as lab utilisation, lab turn-around, specific case numbers, checklist audits, incident reporting and more

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Consultant lab rota's and on-calls are prepared, managed and displayed or alternatively, managed through a link to the current excel system. Fully integrated to all CareCube module this enables efficiency and planning (such as adding other teams for TAVI/GA cases)


Set Up

CareCube is deployed as a complete virtual server, hosted on the hospital's existing network infrastructure. The admin console enables local configuration of all staff, locations, procedures, transport and users. It connects to your hospital PAS and EPR in real-time, attaching documents such as Checklist created in CareCube. The back-end datasets are accessible by the local IT team to query and report on, and for connection to other hospital infrastructure