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CareCube is used by the whole team

Regardless of location or role, running through existing hardware. Consultants, lab managers, radiographers, inpatient/day ward co-ordinators, waiting list teams, secretaries and more, all access one platform, with real-time updates and communicated to all.

In Action-01.png

Elective patients are pulled through from PAS, then "arrived" using Status into the direct ward. Lab co-ordinators at the heart of the system use dynamic Scheduler to update, track and amend individual patient and lab workflows as daily events unfold. Acute cases such as primaries and ACS transfers are easily added through the day, updating all users (typically over 250 people in a centre).

In the lab, Checklist compliance and team briefs are conducted through touch screens, forming part of the patient record. All aspects are monitored and recorded, with a reporting suite allowing audit, visibility to operational effectiveness, and highlighting areas of potential improvement.